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When Nathaniel Spells began Construction Dynamics, in 1987, he asked the Lord to bless his company so he can be a blessing to others. As God blessed his company, Spells made it a habit to help others. As a general contractor, nearly 85% of each job is awarded to subcon- tractors. It is during these opportunities that he would have the biggest impact on the eco- nomic benefit of his community by selecting minority-owned businesses for his construction team. From the onset, Spells was committed to giving back to his community through service and charitable contributions. Even during the economic downtown of 2007-2010, Spells contin- ued giving. Contributions include $25,000 in scholarships to SC State University, as well as cash donations to the Urban League, NAACP, various HBCUs and Clemson University. Over the years, cash contributions to worthy charities and organizations total nearly $200,000. Even though CDI has 28 years of business success, competitor and majority-owned firms still show surprise when CDI is awarded contracts above their organizations. Many are shocked at the financial and business success that the firm has acquired and continues to maintain. However, Spells isn’t surprised and is pleased that his plan worked out just the way he intended. All along, he wanted to quietly and humbly grow his firm. Today, he couldn’t be more pleased with the Quiet, Humble Giant that has Succeeded Against All Odds that CDI has become. In conclusion, over the last 28 years, CDI has grown to be a viable and profitable firm. Over the years projects have included: Burke High School, Charleston SC; Elementary School, Richland School District Two, Columbia SC; Gibbes Middle School, Richland School dis- trict One, Columbia SC; Morris College Student Dorms, Sumter SC ; College of Charleston Campus Center, Charleston SC, 6-level & 600-Car Parking Garage; West Bay Club Condo- miniums, West Indies; Maritime at Kiawah Condominiums Kiawah Island SC, Certus Bank Upfit, Macon, GA; Benedict College Football Stadium, Columbia SC; Brookland Baptist Church Sanctuary, Columbia SC, New Mt Zion Baptist Church Sanctuary, Orangeburg SC, just to name a few. Inspiration from Mr. Spells Construction Dynamics, Inc newest project Brookland Baptist North- east Campus, Columbia SC When I started my company I asked God to bless us that we might be a blessing. There have been times in my career that I wanted to give up, and that’s when I thought back to why I was in business and the agreement that I made with God, so even in the darkest hours His light would always come through. My mother and father instilled in us the spirit of giving and to bless others as we are being blessed. Having a business is not without it’s pressures. I worry sometimes but I can’t let it slow me down. I have a lot of people depending on me, including my employees, their families and children; some pressures come from trying to keep the doors open. If we trust in God and acknowledge him in all our ways, he will guide and provide. I will someday leave this company in capable hands. A succes- sion is in place to keep the company going well into the future. We are excited about projects coming up in the future like the base ball stadium being constructed in Columbia SC and being a partner in such a project. We are licensed in SC, NC, and GA and as we expand , our main objective is having the right people in place and that means hiring the right people to work in these areas. One thing that I would like to say to any entrepreneur is know your business and learn from someone that is already succeeding in your field. I was blessed to work with some of the top construction companies before going into business for myself. Secondly I would suggest to them to learn how to save money, always live below your means. I would like to thank my parents for being great role models, all the ministers that I can’t mention now, but a few of them are Rev. Charles B. Jackson Sr of Brookland Baptist who told me “Nate I’m gonna give you a shot , don't mess it up”. Rev Isaac Holt at Royal Baptist Church in Charleston, Senator Darrell Jackson of Bible Way, Rev Thurmond Bowens at Trinity Baptist, Rev Noble of 2nd Nazareth Baptist, Rev Nelson Rivers, Raymond Perkins of Richland School Dist One, Vince Ford, The late Shirley Davis, Melinda Anderson of Richland 2 and so many more. I couldn't have done this alone, I have an outstanding staff of people that support this company. In closing, I’m very passionate about entrepreneurship and it is imperative that African Americans learn that God has given us authority to succeed in life and that we must stop making excuses. We live in a capitalist country where the color is not black and white but green. It is imperative that African Americans become conscientious consumers. Before we spend our money we must ask, will this business return some of these dollars back to our community? Once we realize this we will move up the economic ladder. A Christian View Magazine 19