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GIFT GUIDE DIP A DI DO DA DIP HOLDERS Left: Copyright Tyler Darden Bring some charm to your tailgate table with these lovely, mix-and-match holders. Make your store bought dips, salsas and deli containers party-ready and looking fabulous. $14.25 singles | $26.50 duos MLB BASEBALL BAT ELECTRIC WINE OPENER Open a bottle of wine in seconds with the cordless bat by pressing button down to remove the cork then push button up to extract the cork. Includes wall charger and foil cutter. $39.99 | PGF PERSONAL GO FAN Rechargeable fan lets you crank out wind speeds up to 20 mph on hot days, while you’re grilling in the lot, relaxing on your patio or cruising in your golf cart. $230 | 52 TAILGATER | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2016