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Music Classified Rapper Discusses New Album By Kris Ketonen PRINCE ARTHUR’S LANDING, MARINA PARK SNOW SCULPTURES SKATING PARTY POTTERY & QUILTING DEMOS FACE PAINTING MUGS WITH HUGS HORSE-DRAWN WAGON RIDES CREATURE FEATURE PUPPET SHOW CHILI COOK-OFF YOU CAN TRY: SNOW / ICE CARVING SLEDGE HOCKEY SNOWSHOEING KICKSLEDDING FAT BIKING SNOWGA (SNOW YOGA!) WINTER GAME SCIENCE GYMNASTICS AND MUCH MORE! 684-2060 | THUNDERBAY.CA/SNOWDAY | /CULTUREANDEVENTS THUNDERBAY F or his new album Greatful, Halifax’s Classified dug deeper than normal. “Usually, I have one or two personal, kinda low, I’m-just-talking-to-you songs on an album,” Classified, whose real name is Luke Boyd, says. “(Greatful) has four or five, so it’s just a lot more personal.” The shift in tone wasn’t planned and actually surprised Classified himself as he was putting the album together. “I kinda take it song by song,” he says. “I just felt myself getting more attracted to the more relaxed, melodic, atmospheric beats instead of the party jam beats.” There are still plenty of the bigger, more upbeat tracks to be found on Greatful, Classified assures; not only do they pro- vide some variety, but they tend to sell better. Still, the more personal songs tend to reach fans in a different way. “The emails and the texts and the tweets I get are always about the personal songs,” he says. “It just makes you realize how powerful music can be.” Greatful also gave Classified a change to work with some of his hip-hop he- roes, including Slug, Snak the Ripper, and Snoop Dogg, with the latter fea- tured on the album’s first single, “No Pressure.” “We sent (Snoop Dogg) the song and he liked it… he ended up coming to Nova Scotia to shoot Trailer Park Boys for a couple of weeks, so when he was down here, we set up a studio in his hotel and did the song in his hotel,” he says. “We figured it would be done over the Internet… we send stuff, and they send stuff back. We actually got to do it together, so it was cool.” Classified plays Crocks on February 16. For more information, visit classifie- The Walleye 47